Company overview

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy for entrepreneurs to be successful in business.

We seek to empower entrepreneurs with digital services that will enable them to tackle some of the challenges they face in their businesses and make it easier for them to achieve success.

Our Vision

To create an ecosystem that caters for all businesses and entrepreneurs.We aim to be the first point of reference for all entrepreneurs. We envision that all entrepreneurs and business people will use at least one product from Promta Technologies. We aim to acheive this within 11 years.


Promta Technologies was founded with the purpose of empowering entrepreneurs/self-employed people and all business people in general. We believe that businesses play an integral part in our society and that they have a lot of power to impact their communities and environment. We therefore try to equip these businesses with technological infrastructure and digital solutions to make it easy for them to succeed and have a positive impact on the society.

Our products

We try to develop products that are aligned with the mission and vision of Promta. Promta Technologies is still a new company, founded in 2019, we still have a lot more products to develop.

Promta Directory

This is our first product that was released to the public on 13 January 2019. This is a business directory in a nutshell, It is a platform that makes it easy for entreprenurs and artists to be discovered. Feauturing different types of customizable templates to give every business its desired image. This product is completely free

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Ad Network

Promta runs an advertising network, this was made to give entrepreneurs a platform to spread awareness about their businesses at an extremely affordable rate.

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Whalor is an e-commerce store, this product is the first of many e-commerce related products that we will develop. Giving entrepreneurs a direct platform to sell their products online.

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