What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual or company that chooses to be associated with promta.org. They advertise our services through their websites, word of mouth or social media and in return they receive commission based on the products sold because of their referrals to Promta.

Payment Schedule

We pay 15% of the money that a customer spends with us back to the referrer.

When are payments made?

Commission due for your referrals is paid out within 10 days(provided payment from the new client has been made to us).

Withdrawals can be made once your balances reaches $10 | R100

Can anyone join?

Yes it's free to join, you can register now

Should the person i refer buy immediately?

No the people you refer to us don't have to buy on their first visit, infact they can buy a product 3 months later and it will still be credited to you.

Why become an affiliate

You are already an affiliate of some businesses, it's just that you might not know it, you recommend their products/ services to people. At Promta you get to recommend our products and get paid for it. Our rate of 15% is very high and very rare.